• Miss Gordon

Week 7- Field Placement

Week Seven: The Role of Technology: You will focus on the role of technology in the lives of students.

Core Questions: How is technology used in your classroom? In the library? In the school? How are students engaging with technology (in school and outside school)? Have an informal conversation with a few students to see how they use technology, how they think technology helps them in their learning & ways they would like to use the technology. Have a discussion with your cooperating teacher to see how he/she uses technology in instruction, assessment & professional knowledge.

This week at my placement I focused on how technology is used throughout our school. Each classroom has some type of technology whether it is Chromebooks, desktops or iPads. Our classroom has 6 iPads. One of our centers includes a station of iPad work. Students are able to use apps like SeeSaw and iBooks. Throughout our weeks at our placement schools, we have only been in attendance for ELA so we have worked hands-on with the iBooks. Theses iBooks have the options to read aloud to students and some have animated pictures. These resources are amazing ways for students to build comprehension and creativity. In our school, I have heard other teachers share that they have students using apps for coding and for creating videos and presentations. The conversation around technology in schools is a positive one. 

I had some informal conversations with my students about technology. Many of them shared they have some aspect of technology at home whether it was a phone, iPad, TV or computer. Most of my students explained that technology usage at home is mainly for enjoyment. I then asked them how they think technology helps them in their learning and one student told me when the iPad reads to her she actually can understand what the stories are about. One student I worked with during centers today told me that when the iPad says the words aloud she can make connections on how to say and spell. When my students shared that they enjoy the use of technology at school I suggested them to go home and have a conversation with their families about using educational apps for enjoyment. 

When I asked my cooperating teacher about technology she shared that it’s the way our world is moving. She shared that we as educators need to we educated on technology to educate future students. In her classroom, she uses resources such as an online point system for good behavior and attendance. As I explained before our students use iBooks for reading during ELA. Our coop teacher explained that she has noticed a difference with her student's comprehension because of the iBooks read-aloud feature. The students become more familiar with basic sight words, sounds and letters when they hear it aloud. Throughout our conversation around technology, my coop teacher shared how there have been no negatives in her classroom involving technology. Assessment wise my coop teacher expressed they do all their grading via online resources but she hasn't used technology for basic assessments for her students. For professional knowledge, my coop teacher shared that she is always looking for new online resources to improve her student's learning.