• Miss Gordon

Week 5- Field Placement

Week Five: Inclusive Education-Diversity & Difference: You will continue to focus on the diversity, difference & inclusiveness in the school and classrooms.

Core Questions: How is your school community honouring diversity, equity, and human rights for all students (including sexual and gender diversity) within their schools and communities?

In the fifth week of my field placement, I focused on Inclusive Education-Diversity and difference within the school and classroom.This past Tuesday during recess I went into the gym with one of our students to have some free time. It was a great opportunity to create a positive relationship with him. During recess, I also got the chance to speak with some teachers about the inclusive and diverse environment their school provides for all. I asked how they create an inclusive environment within their school and the one teacher shared with me that they include all students no matter what the activity is. She explained that some kids may not be able to complete tasks to the fullest but if you make them feel included it creates inclusiveness in the classroom and school. I thought this comment was very important to include as it describes inclusiveness perfectly. Inclusion is being a part of what everyone else is, being welcomed and embraced as a member who belongs.

On my walk to the gym, I took a look around at the posters and bulletin boards around the school. I have attached these images to this blog post and numbered them accordingly. The first image is a photo gallery in the lobby of the school. This gallery includes photos of the students of the school and the representations of their cultures and who they are. For example, there is a photo of a young boy in a jingle dancer outfit at a pow-wow (representing the First Nations culture). There is also an image of a young boy in his TaeKwondo outfit (represents who he is). This was also a way for the students to communities to we represented within the school. I thought this was a very cool concept as it allows for staff, students, parents or visitors to the school to get to know and see the diversity throughout the school. This photo gallery honors diversity in the school. I loved this idea and plan to do something along the lines of this is in my future classroom or school. The second image I have included is a poster that is posted throughout my placement school. Diverse, inclusive, welcoming, accepting, embracing, safe space and forever are the words stated on this poster. I believe this can be posted all over but if they are not in effect they are irrelevant. After being a part of this school for the last five weeks and speaking to staff members it is prominent that my school is indeed a positive environment that follows the meanings of the words stated on the posters. The third image I have attached is a bulletin board that has many different languages explaining how a child should feel at school. The word bulletin board has words like accepted, happy, welcomed, included, etc. Stated in many different languages. This bulletin board honors the diversity of cultures of my placement school students and staff. Another advantage of this bulletin board is it covers the honoring of human rights. This allows all people to feel freedom, trusted and equal as it honors all people.

With my co-op teacher being absent I didn’t get to ask her about the ways that my placement school honors sexual and gender equality. I looked on the website of my placement school and there was no information on sexual and gender diversity and the way they honor them. Next week, I hope to get more information from my co-op teacher on sexual and gender equality!

Have a fabulous week!

Miss Gordon