• Miss Gordon

Week 4- Field Placement

Week Four: Inclusive Education-Diversity & Difference: You will focus on the diversity, difference & inclusiveness in the school and classrooms.

Core Questions: What are the different forms of diversity you observe within the classroom and school? What may be some forms of diversity that are not visible? In what ways do you observe the school, classrooms and teachers honouring inclusive practices?

Today was a special day at my placement. We had a substitute teacher again today. Our sub didn’t know how the “morning meeting” went and asked if one of us ECS 100 students would want to run it. I decided to say yes! I was able to take control of the students and classroom even if it was only for a short moment. During the morning meeting, I observed how diverse our classroom is. Not only do the students look different, but they all also have different beliefs and values. The diversity in our classroom allows for a very amazing class of grade one students!

While doing “centers” today I asked my students what they were being for Halloween. They all replied with what their cool costumes are but one student said: “I’m not going trick or treating though because I’m Muslim”. This comment from my student allowed me to reevaluate that not all people have the same beliefs as I do. This was an invisible form of diversity I was not able to see or assume. At my “center” this same group of kids all started talking about how all three of them had different skin colors and how that was so cool! It was quite amazing to listen to them speak about how cool they thought it was rather than the hate we hear in our daily lives.

In the last few weeks, I have observed the diversity throughout the school. As the students went out for recess I stood by the door observing how all the students looked and interacted with one another. Our school is very diverse. The students do not treat others differently because of their looks, beliefs or values. I believe the school honors different forms of diversity which allow for the school to a safe space for all students. The school honors different ways of diversity by honoring the land on which they gather every morning, they welcome all religions and accept and respect all sexualities by having posters throughout the school. Our school honored Orange Shirt Day in September and acknowledge that every child matters. They also have a flag acknowledging they are on treaty 4 territory outside their school. Our school offers to smudge weekly for students and staff to honor the shared value and promote a welcoming environment. I have attached some images from the school website in this blog post. These are some of the things I have observed in my last four weeks at my school. I know my field placement school will continue to amaze me in the ways they honor diversity in my next five weeks of my field placements.