• Miss Gordon

Week 3- Field Placement

Week Three: Teachers & Knowledge: You will focus on the teachers & knowledge.

Core Questions:

How do you see teachers honouring different ways of knowing?

How do you see teachers promoting knowledge in the classroom?

What are the key supports that teachers rely on?

How do teachers build their own professional knowledge?

For my third field placement, my focus was on my co-op teacher's knowledge within the classroom. During our placement, we are in the classroom for the majority of the time so my focus was on my co-op teacher rather than other teachers. In the next weeks of my field placement, I am going to make an effort to also visit other rooms to understand other teacher's strategies.

I was able to see my co-op teacher honoring the different ways of knowing throughout the classroom. Our teacher honors the way of knowing by having an inclusive classroom that can benefit all for their best learning opportunities. Our teacher has her students do “centers”. This is essentially pods in the classrooms. The “centers” allow students to learn new knowledge in many different ways. For example, one “center” was for the students to spell their sight words for the week in play dough. This strategy allowed the students to work for hands-on while practicing their vocabulary. This strategy also develops students with fine motor skills. There are many different strategies throughout the centers but they all are inclusive to all learning abilities.

My co-op teacher prompts knowledge in the classroom by awarding her students with good behavior with points. She also adds points if the students have done well on school work. This strategy allows students to strive to gain points and be successful. I think this is a very effective strategy in promoting knowledge in the classroom.

In the classroom, my co-op teacher has many key supports to keep her classroom organized and on task. Throughout the classroom she has goals, strategies, learning outcomes and daily schedule posted. These strategies are very effective and allow the classroom to run smoothly. Another key support in this classroom is daily check-ins. I have noticed our co-op teacher checking in with her students before recess, after recess or in between classes to see how their day is going. I believe this strategy is extremely effective and beneficial for the students learning.

I believe teachers build their professional knowledge through trial and error. I believe teachers have to find what works for them in their classrooms and students. In our world today, they’re thousands of teacher's blogs and resource lists available for other teachers to use. I also believe teachers gain their knowledge through mentoring. In the past, I have had conversations with teachers who have expressed that having a senior teacher mentor allowed them to be a better teacher. By having a mentor newer teachers have a role model to look up to and lean on to for questions or concerns. I believe these are the most beneficial ways to expand professional knowledge as an educator.

I was very grateful for this week in my field placement as I was able to focus on ways to effectively honor knowledge, inclusiveness, and diversity in my future classroom.