• Miss Gordon

Week 2- Field Placement

Week Two: School and Community: You will become familiar with the school environment, the students, teachers, administrators and other staff members as well as the community.

Core Questions: Who are the people in your school? How would you describe the school and surrounding community? What and who do you see as creating the links between school and community? Have someone take a photo of you standing in front of your school to add to your Professional ePortfolio. Check out the school website to become more familiar with your school community.

As I slowly become more familiar with my placement school I am beginning to feel more comfortable with the school environment. During morning recess I decided to take a walk through the school. We noticed the bulletin boards and posters, the gym and the sense of community throughout the school. The teachers of my placement school have been extremely welcoming and friendly. Today, I had a conversation with the principal and vice-principal about the gym and the layout of the school. They were very engaged in conversation and were open to sharing their insights. This conversation was essential for creating a positive with these two fabulous educators. When walking through the school every teacher and staff member that walked by welcomed us with a smile and asked us how we were doing. These small gestures have allowed me to feel welcomed at my placement school. The people at our school are kind and respectful.

I would describe the school as diverse. Diversity is everything that makes people different from each other. I would describe my placement school as diverse because the school has children from different ethnic groups, races, sexual orientations, abilities, religions, and beliefs. Each student in our grade 1 classroom has differences about them which creates a diverse classroom and allows students to enrich their learning. My placement school is a very creative school.

From conversations with my co-op teacher and other staff members, my is a community school that has many students who live in poverty. Some students who attend our school struggle with attendance. A strategy they have in place to improve attendance in classrooms with 100% attendance is recognized over the announcements and they receive a trophy. This trophy can be “stolen” from the classroom with full attendance if another classroom in the following days has full attendance. Another strategy in place to improve attendance is outside each classroom there is a small whiteboard that has the percentage of attendance daily. Both of these strategies encourage students to come to school in a fun and inviting way.

In the school I see many teachers and staff members creating links between school and community. On October 16 the school is having a hot lunch that invites parents into the school. This allows for parents to become familiar with where their child goes to school and to be a part of their child's education. On the daily announcements, they share events going on throughout the community and their school. On the school website, they have an events calendar available to all that informs community members of events, meetings, spirit days, sports games, etc. at the school. For only being at my placement school for two mornings I have already recognized the connection of community throughout the school.

I had a very good day at school today. We had a substitute teacher and EA. It was interesting to have substitutes because we were able to learn new information and strategies from different educators. I look forward to next week and wish you all a great week at your schools!