• Miss Gordon

Final Field Placement Blog Post

When I look back at my ECS 100 field placement I have nothing but gratitude. I am extremely grateful for the placement experience as I have gained new knowledge that I will use in my future classroom. This field placement reassured me that I want to be a teacher. After my field placement, I look forward to having independence in my own classroom. Throughout my field placement, I have made connections to my past knowledge of educating. My past knowledge revolves around my dad being an educator for the last twenty-three years, my mom being a day homeowner, and my grade twelve work experience in a fourth-grade classroom.

From my field placement, I gained many new insights. During my field placement, I have learned new strategies to use in my future classroom. A strategy I admired in my classroom was that my co-op teacher used was when she did attendance she has the students answer a question. I found this strategy impactful because in a classroom you may have students who are shy or you may not be as open as other students. I think this an effective strategy to create positive relationships with my students. Another strategy I have learned in my field placement is how technology can be used effectively throughout the classroom. I have new online resources that my co-op teacher has shown me that I plan to use in my future classroom. Another insight I have gained from my co-op school and teacher is how to connect the First Nations culture into my teachings. From my ECS 100 placement, I have gained new knowledge that will better me as a future educator.

Throughout my journey to becoming an educator, I have created some professional development goals. An education professional goal I have is to have an inclusive classroom. I want to have a classroom where students feel safe and welcome. In my future classroom, I have a goal to have genuine relationships with my students to create positive relationships in mine and their life. Another professional development goal is to have the First Nations culture represented in my classroom. Connecting with First Nations culture and ways of knowing is a significant step in reconciliation and critical thinking in the classroom. I have gained a massive amount of new-found knowledge to take forward with me throughout my educational journey but I still and always have more to learn. I have still had questions that I will only have answered through experience. Overall, I am so grateful for my ECS 100 placement opportunity and excited about my journey to educating our future.