• Miss Gordon

ECS 110 - Self Story #3

Self Story #3- Tell a story of an experience you have had that is an example of or a realization of your class, i.e. it made you see yourself as a particular class (eg. poor, middle-class, working-class, wealthy-class, etc.)

About a year ago, I was sitting in an auditorium full of future university students. Plastered on the projection screen in front of us was “Money Matters”. We were all filled with nerves and sitting row by row. When the presenter came in and began the presentation on how to budget for university my mind began to race. How was I going to afford university? How would I be able to pay off my debt after finishing my degree? Questions like these flew through my brain. My heart was racing and I felt uneasy. My parents have constantly nagged me on how important it was to begin saving for my schooling. I was punching numbers left and right trying to create a plan for how I could afford my degree. After the presentation, I alongside my parents walked to our vehicle. They could see the panicked look on my face. I knew my parents had put money away for my schooling but I couldn’t comprehend how I was going to afford this next step in my life. Once my nerves and mind had settled down my parents reassured me of how fortunate I was. They explained that they valued my future enough to put money away for me to get a post-secondary education. Throughout their life, they went through each class in regard to wealth. They truly “started from the bottom now we here”. They explained when I was born they put $25 a month away for my future. At that time they were both extremely young and that $25 they put away for my education made a drastic difference in their lifestyle each and every month. Throughout the years, they upped how much they put into an account for my future. When they began saving they didn’t realize how much of an impact it would make in the years to come. This was the moment I realized I was in the wealthy-class for this specific scenario. I acknowledge that many of my peers do not have the same financial scenarios as I do and many may have debt after completion of their degree. I am extremely blessed and grateful. I don’t have to take out student loans to receive my degree. When I finish my degree I will be debt-free. I will be able to take the next step in my life without the worry of student debt. I will forever be grateful for my parent’s contribution finically toward my future. This was the moment I realized I was a part of the wealthy-class in this aspect of my life.