• Miss Gordon

ECS 110 - Self Story #2

Self Story #2 - Use one of the following prompts to begin to tell a short, but detailed, story about a particular moment. Describe, in detail, your earliest memory of noticing that others have different colour skin than you - you may wish to write it in the style of yourself at that age.

I will never forget the moment when I understood that people in our world have different races. As a child, my mom was a stay-at-home mom and she babysat two of her best friend’s children. We often stayed at home and played outside or in our playroom. One day my mom decided to take myself and the four other children she babysat swimming to the brand new waterpark in our hometown. At this time, I was four-years-old and the oldest kid within the group. Out of the group of children my mom babysat for I was the only girl and I was very independent. When we arrived at waterpark my mom instructed me to go into the women’s changeroom alone and she would take the boys into the family change room. I will never forget what happened next. As I walked out of the change room there was a woman who was black standing at the lockers getting ready to go swimming with her daughter. I remember feeling nervous and afraid. I had never seen a person of color before. When I walked out of the change room I met my mom by the benches and I had a very alarming look on my face. When my mom asked what was wrong I whispered to her that there was someone in the changeroom who had different skin than us. After hearing what had me concerned my mom giggled and said: “Olivia, the people you just saw in the changeroom are no different than you or I. We are all people and they just have a different skin color than us.” “That’s what makes us all different.” When my mom comforted me I felt a bit more at ease, but was still unsure of the idea of people having a different skin tone than I. Were these people, bad people? Why do they look different? Where did they come from? All these questioned pondered in my head as we swam.

The moment these negative questions stopped flooding my mind was very memorable. My friend was racing down the waterslide and on his way down he bumped his head. When he had got to the bottom of the slide his head poured blood. My mom frantically ran to him and put her hand on his head to relieve the pressure. At this time, the women who I saw in the changeroom came over and explained to my mom that she was a nurse. She instructed my mom to tell a lifeguard she needed a medicine kit. The lifeguards came bolting over and allowed the doctor to take control of the situation. The nurse slowly dabbed the blood away from my friend’s head and sealed the cut with gauze. At this moment I finally understood what my mom had explained to me earlier. The lady I saw in the changeroom was no different than me. She was human just like everyone else. Seeing this woman who originally made me feel scared turned out to help my friend when he was injured was amazing. This was the moment when I realized no matter what some looks, sounds or dresses like we are all human beings.