• Miss Gordon

ECS 110- Self Story #1

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

My hometown is often mistaken as “Hockeyville”. Our community has a strong hockey family who lives and breathes hockey. Over the last two years, my brother’s hockey team has consisted of a group of families who have come together like a can of sardines. As a team we have grown, laughed, cried and smiled together. Our hockey team is our second family.

Over the past Christmas holidays, our hockey family gathered at our local arena to watch the gold medal Canadian World Junior game together. Each of just sprinted into the rink trying to avoid the winter sleet from hitting our faces. Our arena is an old barn that is so cold your breath turns to clouds. We gathered dressed in our Team Canada jerseys over top of our warm winter jackets. We all crowded into the stands to watch our country play on the projection screen with our Timmies in hand to watch Canada compete for gold. The distinct smell of the hockey rink surrounded us. Who would have thought the smell of sweaty hockey equipment could make someone feel so at home. The sounds of young kids running around filled the rink. While we watched the Canadian World Junior team play every one of our hearts grew with pride. This year watching the World Juniors was especially different as the Canadians playing are around the same age as me. I played competitive hockey for 14 years allowing me the opportunity to get to know some of the talented men who represented our country proudly this past December. It was a very honorable moment watching my friends compete for gold halfway across the world.

Our eyes were glued to the TV. We heard the crunching sounds of medal hitting the ice with every players skating stride. We watched the players glide so angelically around the ice in the hope to take home a gold medal. With each Canadian goal we cheered and high-fived one another. As we sipped our boiling hot chocolates, we watched Akil Thomas score for Canada to take the lead with under 4 minutes to play in the game. As a group, we all cheered “Go, Canada, Go!”. We were all glowing with pride. Our smiles were as wide as a whale. With the time slowly clicking down our hearts raced. When the final buzzer rang we all jumped with excitement. Canada won!

This past holiday season is when I felt the most at home. As a Canadian, I am proud to say that hockey has shaped me into the individual I am today. The rink has become home for my family. Hockey has allowed me to learn many positive life lessons and meet lifelong friends. Being at the rink with my hockey family watching our country playing for gold made me feel at home. The memory of watching the Canadian World Junior game this past year was incomparable to anything experience I have had that made me feel Candian. While watching our country bring home gold, we were surrounded by the ones that made our hockey rink a home.