• Miss Gordon

About Me!

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! I am Olivia Gordon. I am in my first year of Secondary Education. I was born and raised in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. My dad is a principal at an elementary school in Yorkton and my mom runs a day home for preschool children. In my high school years, I attended Yorkton Regional High School. I was a member of our SRC Leadership team for all of my high school career. In grade 11, I was the SRC Vice President and ran my high school's social media accounts. In Grade 12, I was a co-grad director and continued running our social media. I loved high school and aspire to move back home and teach at "the land of orange" after finishing my education degree.

I love to travel. In 2015, I traveled to Ecuador on a MEtoWE mission trip. In Ecuador, our mission built a school and volunteered in the village of San Miguel. After my mission trip to Ecuador, I decided it was time to begin traveling to my home country of Canada. In 2016, I traveled to Ottawa with Encounters with Canada to attend the Remembrance Day ceremony and learn more about the past wars. In 2017, I traveled to Toronto for CSLC (Canadian Student Leadership Conference). I have visited 5 provinces and hope one day to have all Canadian provinces and territories crossed off my bucket list. Through my travels, I have gained more knowledge and understandings from others that have allowed me to grow as an individual.

Thanks for following along on my journey to educating our future!

Have a fabulous day!